Address for your Driving Licance

Need an Address for your driving license?

If you don’t live in a house, then this will be a problem. The DVLA have decided that your address for your driving license must be a residential address were you live.  So if you live on a boat, caravan, motor home or no fixed abode what do you do?

You could use a virtual address like Expost, So if you get any fines, parking tickets or the police need to contact you, this would be perfect as Expost would be your address for your driving license and we would forward any correspondence to you. Perfect, However the DVLA say no.

They will not allow you to have an “accommodation address” as the address for your driving license. The reason for this is the cannot Easley get hold of you. They will however, allow you to register your driving license at you doctors or a local Police station.  But the address you give them would be your virtual address, do you think this makes sense because we don’t.

Over the last year we have been lobbying The DVLA and the transport Secretary but currently it is falling on deaf ears.  If you are experiencing  this issue then please get in touch with us.  We also encourage you to contact your MP and ask them to contact the transport secretary.  The more people that complain the more likely they are going to listen. Please also read our Blog about this 

Saying that we have help hundreds of customer use our address on there driving licensee , Expost can help, please contact us on 0333 789 0011 or if you need our assistance.

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