Van Post

virtual addresses to put your motorhome or caravan on the postal map!

Over half a million people in the UK live full-time in motorhomes, static caravans and tourers.

Some choose to stay on official ‘Residential’ sites, paying normal utilities and council tax. Many, however, own or rent a static van on Holiday Parks, which often close down for a month or so each year in order to maintain their non-residential status.

the problem is...

Whichever type of site you choose, or if you are living full-time in a motorhome, you will soon discover that life can be a nightmare without a genuine, Royal Mail postal address for your bank, credit card provider, insurance company, passport office, TV Licensing, HMRC or DWP. Even online retailers and couriers won’t deliver to a numbered PO box or leave parcels with a Park’s reception office, and using a friend or relative’s address for your correspondence is fraught with complications.

the solution

is child’s play with a vanpost account!

Costing as little as 60p a day, a vanpost mailbox account gives you a virtual street address with up to five different named users,  free mail forwarding and a secure scan option for urgent letters. You can now have a fixed postal address for your own private correspondence (including parcels), or for business use, which means that living full-time in a caravan or motorhome no longer prevents you from buying or trading online!

it's surprisingly simple

Your letters, packets and parcels are delivered to a unique address at the Mail Centre of your choice, where they are identified by any of your five User names, signed-for if necessary, sorted, and stored in your mailbox. You can then log in to your secure on-line control panel at any time and tell us how, when and where you want us to physically forward your mail (read about ‘Poste Restante’ in forwarding), or scan letters to your secure viewer for instant access (see ‘scanning’).

business or private. . .

which do I need and how do they differ?

Although both can receive letters and parcels for up to five named Users and are exactly the same price,  we still need to record the status of each mailbox so,  if your account is only to be used for your own personal correspondence,  select ‘Private‘.

Click on ‘Business‘ if you intend to use your virtual address for any kind of commerce or trading,  or if you want to include a business name as a User.   As a bonus,  if you take a 12 month Business account you can also use it as the registered office address for up to four Companies,  at no extra charge!

. .about the account holder!

In order to simplify the required identity verification process,  every mailbox account,  whether private or business, must be registered with a named individual as the Account Holder. On agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions, the Account Holder is then responsible for the legal, moral and ethical use of the mailbox and compliance with current legislation.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.