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We are not call centre operators. When you contact support you’ll be speaking to someone who works at our head office Mail Centre, does the job of managing your post every day, and actually enjoys chatting to customers!

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For all general questions, help with the website, advice on making the best use of our features, or just to say hello and assure yourself that we are real, and really here!

Call us on:  0333 789 0011

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We know very well that,  when customers first register,  they are being asked to take a huge leap of faith and send hundreds of pounds to complete strangers on the internet!

Around half of all support calls we receive are from potential customers who just want reassurance that we are real.

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A word about reviews

Every member of our dedicated staff takes a very personal pride in the quality of the services that we provide.

We encourage all customers to leave a review on Trustpilot,  and provide links on every page of this website to make it easy for you to do so.   For the record,  we’ve never paid a third party business to create positive reviews,  we don’t write them ourselves,  and we don’t bribe customers to saying something nice about us. Hopefully we’ll never need to! 

Similarly,  we have never asked Trustpilot to delete or edit a comment,  despite us recently being subject to a disturbing,  and growing,  trend known as ‘review blackmail’.   We even considered removing Trustpilot from the site after the latest incident,  but we have a little more respect for the common sense of our customers  (both existing and potential)  and so we trust you to make up your own minds.

If we are doing a good job and you decide to leave postive feedback that’s great!   Just knowing that our hard work is appreciated gives everyone a lift.   But we are human and we’re certainly not perfect,  so if there is something we could do better,  if we ever fall short of the mark,  then tell us that too so that we can fix it.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.