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Over 30,000 live-aboard narrowboats, barges, cruisers and houseboats populate our rivers and canals.

It doesn’t matter whether you live on a working 40 foot ex-colliery narrowboat or have finally retired to your fabulous gin palace; constantly cruising or on a permanent mooring. Once you spend any time at all on the cut you’ll learn that life can be a pain without a postal address for your bank,  credit card issuer, insurance company, the passport office, HMRC or DWP. Even online retailers like Amazon won’t deliver to a numbered PO box or a third party location,  such as the marina office.

The Solution

is a virtual mailbox account from expost . . .

A canalpost mailbox account will give you a virtual street address, with up to five different named users,  free mail forwarding and scanning to your own secure image viewer. As well as having a fixed postal address for your own private correspondence, you can now trade on-line from your boat,  with a genuine returns address for your products! 

Business or Private. . .

which do I need and how do they differ?

Although both Business and Private mailboxes can receive letters and parcels for up to five named Users, and are the same price, the new data protection legislation (GDPR), means that we need to record the status of each mailbox so, if your account is only to be used for your own personal correspondence,  select Private.

Select Business if you intend to use your accommodation address for any kind of commerce or trading, or if you want to include a business name as a User. You can still use it for your personal mail of course and, as a bonus, if you take a 12 month Business account you can also use it as the registered office address for one or more Companies, at no extra charge!

important. . . about the account holder

In order to simplify the legally required identity verification process,  every mailbox account, whether private or business, must be registered with a named individual as the Account Holder. On agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions, the Account Holder is then responsible for the legal, moral and ethical use of the mailbox and compliance with current legislation.


is free, all you pay is the onward postage plus handling fee.

You now have a fixed, UK street address for official, financial and personal correspondence, and all of your on-line shopping. Your letters and parcels are being signed for on your behalf and stored securely in our Mail Centre, ready to be forwarded. But the questions still remains, how do we get them to you?

don't worry, we have that covered too!

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.