Expost - A secure street address you can call your own from where we manage your mail.

You choose a physical property address in the UK and Eire without the need to own or rent. We can forward on all your parcels and correspondence to your mailbox, we can forward, scan and email your post to you, we are the best on the street.  Have urgent letters scanned and uploaded to your secure, online scan viewer for instant access.

Ready to get a new virtual mailbox address ?

How does Expost work you ask?

Signup with a mailcentre

Once you are signed up to a mail centre address of your choice, you can have your post delivered to your chosen mail centre address.

Set your forwarding options

Once your forwarding options are selected you can then have your post forwarded to your specified address.

Scan and view online

If you do not have a physical address then you can opt for your post to be scanned. You can then view your letters online.

two options. . . the same price, support and professional service

A simple choice of  Private or Business accounts means that,  whether you need a UK postal address purely for your own personal and family mail,  as an alternative to trading from your home address,  to register a Limited Company,  or to provide UK product returns for your on-line customers,  the solution is here!

. . .up to five users

each account accepts mail in multiple names!

Family with mailbox

your names, our addresses

Because many businesses,  banks,  credit card and insurance companies,  couriers and authorities will not deliver to,  or even recognise,  an obviously numbered PO box,  every expost mailbox has a genuine UK postal address that it inherits from the regional Mail Centre of your choice.




selecting your ideal regional mail centre

We currently have nine fully active regional Mail Centres around the UK & Ireland,  with four more to be launched next spring.   Because all mail is scanned or forwarded,  you can hold an account at any regional Centre and your letters or parcels will still reach you,  wherever you are in the world!

We realise that many people prefer an address that either reflects their place of origin  ( even though they may be on the road and constantly travelling! ),  and some business mailbox account holders may want to present a ‘local’ face.   Our national network of regional Mail Centres has been designed to provide just such coverage,  further detailed in the descriptions below.


Open Pricing

straightforward charges with no hidden costs

Don’t believe us? Hear from our customers on Trustpilot

I have only just started using Expost…
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I have only just started using Expost service and I must say it’s a great start very professional and helpful. Excellent customer service
Fantastic service
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I have been using Expost since relocating to Spain last year and I cannot praise them enough. A (depressingly) rare example of a company that really does focus on providing consistently excellent customer service, at a very reasonable price relative to the quality they provide. I feel very grateful to have found them.
Awesome experience
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I was very sceptical about this service as I have negative experience from the similar companies from the past. Expost is really great and trustworthy. Barbara from Customer service is very kind and instantly helps me anytime I need it. Thank you so much for great service you provide!
I had used Expost for over two years…
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I had used Expost for over two years now and am very satisfied with the service. Their scanning service is very good and dispatch is fast. Very efficient and good service.

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Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.