expost delivers

private or business mailboxes with a uk street address,  five users per account,  free mail forwarding and unrivalled customer service!

Business and Private Mailboxes in the UK from expost

how it works...

simple and straightforward

Each virtual mailbox from expost has a real UK street address that is accepted without question for correspondence with your bank,  building society,  card issuers,  insurance and utility companies,  the DVLA,  HMRC,  Companies House and the Passport Office. . .   or for deliveries from on-line retailers such as Ebay and Amazon.   Your letters,  packets and parcels are delivered to our Mail Centre,  where they are identified by your registered user names,  sorted and stored in your mailbox.   You then use your secure on-line control panel to tell us how and when to scan or physically forward your mail,  anywhere in the world.

We really can't make it any more complicated than that.   :o)

Business and Private Mailboxes in the UK from expost

affordable, fixed, pricing

guaranteed for the lifetime of your account!

Already cheaper than a numbered PO box from the royal mail, our charges are frozen for as long as you hold a continuous account with us.   Two years,  twelve years or twenty years from now. . .   you will only ever pay the prices as they are shown in this website on the day you register.   We promise never to charge you more to renew your account,  handle your mail or scan your letters!


Private mailbox mail forwarding or scanning

mail forwarding

daily, weekly, monthly or only on demand

Letters,  packets and parcels up to a hefty 20Kg can all be sent as part of our standard service.    We make no charge to forward your mail,  all you ever pay is the onward postage,  at cost!

. . .or scan & send

Have urgent letters scanned to your email for instant access.   If you are constantly travelling,  have no fixed point of contact for forwarding,  or just must have the contents of that important letter today,  Scan & Send is for you.


Business and Private PO Boxes with a real street address

live support

always here when you need us

Our Mail Centre is open 24 hours,  364 days a year to receive,  sign-for and secure your letter post and parcels.   Live support is available by telephone,  email,  chat and Skype from 6am (UK time) every weekday morning,  plus Saturdays and Bank Holidays,  so you always have access to our help and advice when you need it.   Click the logo below to find out what our customers say about us!

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a brief history

Born as 'The Post House',  almost seventeen years ago,  we incorporated as Expost Logistics Limited in February of 2015 following a management buy-out and relocated to our new head office Mail Centre in Pembrokeshire.   Propost™,  our unique mail management software,  was launched three months later and is the power behind the features and control that all expost customers enjoy.

expatpost and canalpost are additional trading styles of expost

our aims & statements

Expost PO Boxes and postal forwarding statements

legal notice

Expost is not a fraudster's charter.   Having been in business for over 16 years,  trading previously as The Post House,  we know that,  on occasion,  people will find a mailbox company on the web,  invent a random address without reference to the providers, then use it to afford themselves unlawful and undeserved credibility.

If that is your intention,  please go elsewhere.  Any mail that arrives without a valid account is returned immediately to the sender,  by 1st Class Post,  as 'not known at this address'.

We do not condone the unlawful use of our services and will,  if such activity is brought to our attention,  share information with the relevant authorities and close the account without notice.

your security & privacy

We place the security of your mail and personal data above all other considerations.  Your data is held on a secure server, in a defended data centre and your password is encrypted.

We will never sell or share your data with any third party business, organisation or individual.

our service & support

Every one of us strives to deliver a faultless service with friendly, knowledgable and accessible customer support and we promise to address any shortfall in our service immediately, with as little inconvenience to the customer as is possible.