In our Registration page,  you’ll see a box marked ‘Bonus Code’.   Whenever a new customer signs up for a 12 month account and types YOUR mailbox Key  ( e.g.  SA101,  TF1992,  KY162 )  in this box,  another month is automatically added to your account.   As an incentive for them to use the feature,  we add an extra month to their account too!

To help you,  you’ll find two specially designed,  royalty free graphics below  ( we’ll upload new images here every couple of months, so they don’t become stale and boring! )   Please feel free to use them in your Twitter,  Facebook or LinkedIn profiles,  share with friends or followers,  email to your contacts,  or post in them in forums and blogs to promote your Key number and continue to earn bonus months.

When you post one of these graphics,  we suggest the following wording;  ‘If you register a 12 month mailbox,  enter the bonus code (your mailbox Key here) and an extra month will be added to your account,  free of charge!’