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Why Have a Virtual Address?

100,000 UK citizens emigrated last year, a rate of 400 per day!

Although leaving these shores to live abroad, most expats will still need to maintain a UK postal address in order to receive their bank statements, insurance documentation, driving licence renewals etc.

For this reason, expatriates represent our largest single user group.

Being of ‘No Fixed Abode’ does not necessarily mean living in a cardboard box!

Our mail clients include many narrow boaters,  who spend their time cruising the inland waterways,  and retirees enjoying the highways and byways of Europe in motor caravans.

The customers we really envy,  however,  are those sailing from island to tropical island with their mail on ‘Hold’,  requesting a demand forwarding to a new paradise every few months!

Relocation is stressful at the best of times but often requires a move into a temporary rental property, or properties, before the final relocation. Our mailboxes, with flexible forwarding, ease the stress by taking away the need to change addresses several times during the process.

People who are victims of flood or fire (disaster homeless), those who are hospitalised for protracted periods or working on long term projects away from home, use our unique mailbox services to control and manage their mail.

A private mailbox service is particularly useful where an individual may feel at risk using their own physical address, even in official communications.

Indeed, authorities recommend that any persons involved in a contentious criminal trial, domestic abuse or other dangerous situation should protect their real location by using use a secure accommodation address such as ours for all mail.

This is another user group with a powerful vested interest in maintaining personal anonymity and the privacy of their home addresses.

as a covid 19 solution

During the current pandemic,  many businesses have found themselves with staff working from home,  under lockdown.   Giving your staff remote access to Company data and telephony is relatively simple. . .  with many inexpensive technologies available off the shelf.   Receiving,  managing and redistributing your post  (whether forwarded,  or scanned and delivered digitally),  may seem more complex,  but we are here to help!

increase personal privacy

Many of our clients are in the process of separation or divorce, but still share a common abode with their partner and so use a mailbox to ensure the privacy of their postal communication.

greater business security

Whether operated from home or a commercial base, if your product has a high intrinsic value, such as brand cosmetics, mobile phones or jewellery, using a remote accommodation address in advertising and marketing will prevent your physical premises becoming a target for thieves.

This same security benefit also extends to businesses dealing in sensitive or valuable data products.

for commercial credibility

With more business than ever before being conducted from home, a commercial sounding address creates a great deal more professional confidence than ’21a Acacia Avenue’!

One of the most popular business uses of our mailboxes is in providing a UK address for the return of products retailed on-line,  especially from abroad.

protect sensitive businesses

If you operate a business which,  whilst perfectly legal,  may give rise to moral,  ethical or religious concerns,  or have the potential to be ’embarrassing’ for the operator or its customers,  a mailbox and accommodation address with discreet mail forwarding provides the ideal solution.

Real examples include more than one home business retailing ‘adult’ toys and clothing on-line,  a faith-based foundation and an addiction counselling service.

grey market buying

Many sports goods manufacturers,  for example,  test market new product designs in the UK on a one pair per customer basis.  We have several mailbox holders who bulk purchase these limited release products under multiple pseudonyms and ship them abroad for resale.

to operate market research

There are times when the anonymity of a mailbox address may be used to carry out ‘Mystery Shopper’ research on competitors,  without weighting the results.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.