Buy For Me


Need to purchase from a website but they  won’t accept your payment card or ship to your location? Let us Buy For You

We Buy For You – UK Shopping, Shipped Internationally

Our We buy for you service gives you access to the UK Shops from anywhere in the globe. Buy the thing you love from your favorite brands and have them delivered to us – we will consolidate them and ship them off to you. 

We have 2 options to chose from

Buy yourself

Simply purchase from a UK website and ship it to your Expost address, we will hang on to it until  all your items have arrive. We will the re-box and ship to you in one box.

Expost clear pricing means that you will be charged normal login fee plus £3.50 charge for the service. 

We do the buying for you

Let Us do the shopping, let us know what you would like to buy and from where.  We will make the purchases on your behalf ans ship them to you, it is as simple as that

Expost clear pricing means that you simply 15% fee plus the cost of posing it to you.