scan to view

have urgent letters scanned for instant access

If you are constantly travelling and have no fixed point of contact for forwarding,  or just must have the contents of that important letter today,  Scan to View is for you.

Scan and send or scan and view your letters

By requesting a Scan to View you are giving us explicit instruction and permission to open your mail.

to always scan your mail

Set the standing instructions in your account control panel to 'Open & scan all mail on arrival'.   Whilst this option is active, all letter mail being delivered to your mailbox will be opened and the contents scanned to one or more imagesand sent instantly to your secure image viewer.

to scan your mail on demand

When you set your option to 'Open & scan all mail in my box', any previously unscanned mail items in your mailbox will be opened, scanned and uploaded to your viewer.

to scan only a specific item

If you have several letters in your mailbox,  but only need a specific item ( or items ) scanning,  please contact Support with as accurate a description of the letter as possible.   If the mailroom are able to identify it with confidence, they will process a Scan for you.

A word of caution.   Without opening mail, there is little chance of ascertaining the sender. . .   official letters especially tend to be very anonymous these days (to help avoid identity theft), so even scanning the envelopes is not a solution!.