is free, all you pay is the onward postage!

Forwarded in tamper proof postal and courier bags.

forwarding intervals

control your own account preferences

Log in to your secure account control panel to set your forwarding interval and other preferences.   Choose DAILY and your mail will be despatched every day.

If you set it to WEEKLY,  mail is forwarded to you once each week. . .   on the day of your choice.

Select MONTHLY and your mail will be forwarded on the first available working day of each month.

If you put your mail on HOLD,  we will store everything securely until you change your preference or request a forwarding on DEMAND.

Submit a DEMAND request and your mail will be processed and sent within 24 hours,  without affecting your normal forwarding schedule.   Similarly,  if you have a DEMAND despatch sent using a different service,  such as 'Special Delivery',  your usual standing instructions will remain unchanged.


British Mailboxes


additional options

If you request your mail to be forwarded on a tracked service,  we'll send you an email with the consignment reference and a direct link to the carrier's on-line tracking facility,  so that you can follow its progress.

PLEASE REMEMBER:   We always forward your mail according to your standing instructions,  so please be careful when selecting  'Private Courier',  especially if you are resident abroad. . .   you may find yourself paying £50 or more to receive a single letter!


The extra paperwork and administration necessary to forward by Royal Mail Special Delivery or Private Courier means that both attract a Surcharge and may also require you to complete a Customs Declaration. . .   even for destinations within the EU.


Mail Centre processing times and deadlines for delivery


All outgoing post is collected by the Royal Mail at around noon each weekday,  and by private couriers according to their individual schedules.   Because Royal Mail deliveries can arrive at any time up until 3:30pm,  mail is always logged in and processed for despatch early the following morning.

From 6am our mailroom sorts and prepares that day's forwarding despatches and will include any Demand requests that are received before 9am.   Mail delivered on Saturday is logged-in on Monday morning,  before despatching,  to avoid delays caused by the weekend.

The Centre is manned 24 hours,  seven days a week,  to accept out-of-hours courier deliveries.


Restricted or prohibited items in the mail

prohibited items

Certain types of goods are either prohibited in the post,  or have legal restrictions placed upon their carriage.

Because we can't forward items that we have reason to believe may contain prohibited goods,  please take a few minutes to consider our Legal Advice page or visit the Royal Mail website.   Similar restrictions are also applied by private courier firms.