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The licence overview

running our south of england mail centre

the mail centre premises

its size,  postal location,  address & infrastructure

Because it is fundamental to the operation of the business,  in order to be considered for the Licence you must own the property from which you intend to run the Mail Centre,  or be able to demonstrate that you have security of tenure for ten years.   It must also have its own street level point of postal delivery  ( a front door and letterbox! )  and cannot be part of a multi-occupancy building.

It is for these reasons that,  even if you are only just considering the possibility of taking up this business opportunity,  your first step should be to check the suitability of your proposed Mail Centre address by submitting a Premises Assessment request.   Please note that no obligation is inferred by submitting this form!

( you will find the premises assessment form at the foot of the licence application page )

your postal address

The primary feature of any regional Mail Centre is its postal address.  

Designed to be operated from home,  or a small commercial or retail premises,  it’s surprisingly simple to adapt any address to make it appropriate for both business and private users.

vehicular access

In addition to normal Royal Mail deliveries,  you can expect several courier drop-offs and collections each day as your business matures.   It is important that delivery vehicles are able to reach the premises,  and not prevented from loading or unloading due to parking restrictions or regular congestion.

working space requirement

Even for a large territory such as the South of England,  including provision for the bespoke modular frames that are used to sort and store your customers’ mail,  the Mail Centre could be operated in one room of around  220ft²  ( about the size of a double bedroom or garage ).   Additional storage space will,  however,  almost certainly prove to be an advantage in securing larger commercial accounts.


Because ProPost is hosted on our secure cloud servers and accessed via the internet,  reliable broadband with transfer speeds of at least 2Mbps is essential.   You will also need a landline telephone and a mobile as an alternative means of contact.

( if you have any questions,  call us for an informal chat, at local rates,  on 0333 789 0011 )

Our territories

Unlike a traditional Franchise,  our Licensed ‘territories’ are determined by the proximity of a Mail Centre to others in the network,  rather than the geographical location of its customers,  who will be from all corners of the planet!   To protect your business’ potential,  we are only issuing ten Licences on the UK mainland  ( as shown on the map above ),  so you will never find another Mail Centre opening in direct competition to you.

The protected territory for our Mail Centre South is defined by the postcode areas of;
RG,  SO,  GU,  PO,  RH,  BN,  TN,  ME CT

the licence owner

what you bring to the partnership

skills & experience

Although no special skills or previous experience in the logistics sector is required,  a basic working knowledge of PCs  ( using a browser,  email etc. )  and a general familiarity with the internet is essential.   However,  the character traits we value most in any prospective licensee are;   attention to detail,  enthusiasm,  diligence,  attention to detail,  self-discipline,  attention to detail and the ability to manage their time and effort effectively.   Did we mention attention to detail?

physical abilities

We have specifically designed the hardware and operation for expost Mail Centres so that the opportunity is open to all age groups,  people with limited mobility  ( including wheelchair users )  and those with a hearing impairment.   Unfortunately,  the need to read addresses on incoming mail may preclude candidates with limited vision,  depending upon the nature and severity of their condition.

( details of the full package can be found in licence package )

dbs checks

We are charged with the security of the mail,  so we require all candidates to give us permission to request a simple DBS  ( formerly known as a CRB )  check.   If the licence is to be held by a Company,  we will need this permission for all Directors and Beneficial Owners.

trading status & vat

The successful candidate may hold the licence and operate the business as a sole trader,  partnership or Limited Company.

It is not necessary to register for VAT until,  of course,  your turnover exceeds the mandatory threshold,  currently standing at £85,000.   Premature registration will negatively impact profitability!

( if in doubt,  call our licence team on  0333 789 0011 or email  licences@expost.uk  for their advice )

Dedicating the time

how many hours you'll need to commit

Because all sales,  marketing and support effort is entirely borne by our head office team at Philbeach,  the time that you will need to devote to operating a regional Mail Centre,  even in such a prime location as the South of England,  is surprisingly little.

receiving mail

In most areas of the UK,  Royal Mail deliver before noon,  Monday to Saturday.   Courier deliveries,  however,  can arrive at any time of the day,  often as late as 7pm.   This needn’t cause a problem because,  within the licence package,  we provide a steel parcel locker that is almost universally considered by couriers as a ‘safe place’ in which to leave deliveries,  especially out of hours.

mail processing

Because we log-in and despatch mail the day after it is delivered to the Centre,  your schedule will be determined by the time of the last Royal Mail collection at your local Post Office,  usually around 5pm,  and means that mail processing could be comfortably managed in the afternoons.

As a rule of thumb,  you will need to dedicate one hour each weekday for every 50 accounts held at your Centre.

Licence set-up costs

make an investment in your own future

The initial fee of £14,850 +VAT  gives you exclusive rights to operate the expost Mail Centre in the South of England for a term of five years,  with a protected territory encompassing all of Hampshire,  Surrey,  Sussex and Kent.   This one-off set-up charge covers the cost of training,  IT hardware,  specialist equipment,  sales & marketing,  all consumables for the first 12 months,  access to our bespoke software,  ongoing support and system development.

operating costs

on-going & sales related costs

licence royalties

Our income is limited to the Royalties on account sales and mail handling,  we only profit from your financial success!

Even though all sales,  marketing,  advertising,  customer support and administration is handled exclusively by our team at Philbeach on your behalf,  we only retain 40% +VAT of gross revenues as a Royalty,  with the balance credited to your bank account at the end of each month.

fixed overheads

If you intend to operate the South of England Mail Centre as it is intended,  from home,  then you should have no additional workspace or staff related outgoings whatsoever.   The business is effectively overhead free,  aside from broadband internet and some form of commercial insurance  ( this may be required by law if you are trading as a Limited Company ).   For your guidance,  a minimum of £10,000 all risks cover is suggested for computer hardware,  mailsort furniture and consumables held in stock.

Mail held at your Centre is only insured at the rate of £1 per letter, £2 per large letter and £10 a parcel,  with the limit on any single claim of £50 in aggregate,  and so we have found that the most cost effective option was to self-insure mail-in-hand.   Your Mail Centre management reports include a real-time update on the current insurance exposure.

annual licence fees

There are none!   At the end of the five year term,  all you will need to pay for a further five years is 25% of the original initial fee,  plus VAT of course.   Renewal of the Licence will also renew your geographical exclusivity for the same extended period.


The largest operational cost is,  by far,  the cumulative postage and courier charges incurred when forwarding your customers’ mail.   But you don’t pay them!   Whether you are forwarding a single letter to Swindon via the Royal Mail,  or despatching two 20Kg parcels to South Africa by DHL or UPS,  all of the postal and shipping costs are covered by our national credit accounts!

( call our development team for more information on 0333 789 0011 )


Earnings & Income

sales, renewals, handling & scanning

Please note that the sales figures used in the following projections are drawn from the performance of our Cambridgeshire Mail Centre,  which enjoys the closest market demographic and territory size. . .  and we confidently expect the South of England Mail Centre to match or even exceed this performance.

account sales

The income from the sale of new accounts,  and their subsequent renewals,  constitutes your primary revenue stream.   To help put these projections into perspective;   even in year three,  they still represent less than one account sale per day.

3 month account:  £100
6 month account:  £180
12 month account:  £240

Average sales value:  £216
Net of Royalties:  £112

account renewals

New account sales are augmented by renewals in subsequent years.   The current retention rate for accounts across our UK network of Mail Centres is over 80% and there is no evidence to suggest that this figure would be any lower in this affluent region.

operational revenues

As your Mail Centre accumulates customer accounts,  the income arising from mail handling fees,  scanning and surcharges  ( ‘Operational Revenues’ )  grows proportionately,  because the longer a customer holds an account with you,  the more mail they will process through the Centre each month.   Handling charges are identical in each Mail Centre and are not subject to South of England weighting.

handling charges

Letter handling:  £0.60
Large Letter handling:  £1.00
Parcel handling:  £3.00
Scanning:  £0.50
Surcharges:  £3.00

Although the Operational Revenue in our Head Office Mail Centre now exceeds that generated by Account Sales,  for the purposes of the projections it has been assumed that the mean Operational Revenue per active Account will equate to just 45% of the Sales value in year one,  rising to 85% in subsequent years,  as your customers’ account usage matures.

Financial Summaries

36 month projections - expost south

Year 1  total account sales:  110
Year 2  total account sales:  160
Year 3  total account sales:  190
Active accounts, year 3:  388

financial projections

TOTAL SET-UP COST:  £14,850  (+ VAT)
Year 1   Projected revenue:  £18,000   ( net of Royalties & VAT )
Year 2   Projected revenue:  £41,000   ( net of Royalties & VAT )
Year 3   Projected revenue:  £72,200   ( net of Royalties & VAT )

Billing & Reconciliation

ProPost incorporates a comprehensive accounting module that keeps track of every letter and parcel you handle,  every scan,  customer credit,  royalty payment,  transaction fee,  surcharge and VAT;  then uses this data to present you with a real-time,  fully reconciled,  statement of account.   At the end of each calendar month,  the net revenue due is transferred from expost’s client account,  directly into your real-world bank.


Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Support that is always ready to help you with any possible questions, problems or information.