How to get Christmas presents to the EU without breaking the bank

Now the UK has left the European Union, there is no more automatic free movement of goods between Britain and EU member states. As a matter of geography, Berlin, Barcelona and Bordeaux might be no further than before from Bristol, Birmingham and Brechin. But the tariffs that now apply mean that what used to be a simple matter of popping something in the post has become a little more complicated. And expensive.

With Christmas approaching, this could be a headache for anyone planning to send presents to friends and relatives on the Continent. If you want to send more expensive items such as jewellery or a luxury watch, the duties involved could run into hundreds of pounds. Before giving up, though and letting the money-grabbing Grinch steal Christmas, it’s worth considering a festive loophole.

Brexit means the UK is now longer part of the EU. But don’t forget that the UK comprises Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And Northern Ireland borders the Republic of Ireland, which remains in the EU. The so-called Northern Ireland protocol was designed to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland. It means Northern Ireland uniquely remains in the UK but also effectively in the EU customs union and single market. That in turn means it is exempt from EU custom checks and tariffs on goods coming and going between Northern Ireland and any EU member state, not just Eire.

You can send post from anywhere in Britain to Belfast for the same price as destinations on the British mainland. And obviously without tariffs or duties of any kind. And you can send it from Belfast to the EU without paying tariffs or duties either. So maybe Christmas is not cancelled after all! 

What goes for Belfast goes also for Lisburn, a few miles to the south, where Expost have one of our eight mail centres. That means our customers anywhere in the UK can have their very own postal address in Northern Ireland. We manage all post sent to that address on your behalf, including forwarding it on according to your instructions. For example, sending it to destinations in the EU, tariff-free! Despite Brexit then, there is a way to get presents to friends and family anywhere from Dublin to Dubrovnik, without breaking the bank.

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