mail centre franchises

Franchise business opportunity with expost mailboxes etc.

a low entry cost, high return opportunity

the final phase of our national franchise roll-out is planned for summer 2019

After having been in business for seventeen years,  we launched our first franchised Mail Centre  (Swansea,  South Wales)  in September of 2017,  and immediately ceased registering new accounts to our original Mail Centre at Philbeach in Pembrokeshire.   Although we still serve existing customers and accept their renewals,  the non-compete clause of our franchise contract guarantees that all new sales are assigned to each customer's own choice of regional Mail Centre.

Our role at Philbeach is now limited to providing sales,  administration,  customer support and training to the franchise network.

regional mail centre locations

Our existing and planned network of expost franchised regional mail centres
Mail Centre address example - South Wales Mail Centre address example - Scotland Mail Centre address example - South East Mail Centre address example - Midlands Mail Centre address example - South West    Mail Centre address example - Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ulster

a prospectus

for the two remaining expost franchise locations

The six Mail Centres shown on the map above were established as part of our initial franchise roll out and are already trading.

Although they won't be available for launch until September 2019, we are inviting advance enquiries from interested individuals or Companies for the two remaining territories  (designated as 'North' and 'South',  shown in red on the map above),  one located to the South of London;  perhaps in Surrey,  Sussex,  or Kent.   The other serving the North of England and able to offer an address in either Greater Manchester or Yorkshire.

Details for each can be found at:  prospectus north and prospectus south respectively .