Don’t fence me in – postal addresses for free spirits (caravan and boat dwellers)

For many, it’s impossible to imagine a contented life without a brick-and-mortar house – or at the very least a flat – to call home. People scrimp and save to put down a deposit. Then they work for decades to pay off their mortgages. All so they can enjoy life secure within their own four walls in a familiar area with familiar neighbours. As the seasons come and go. Year. After. Year. Others have different ideas.


For some, a contented life means freedom from all that. The ability to up sticks and move on when they feel like a change of scenery. The liberty to hunker down for winter in one place and then explore pastures new in the spring and summer. The excitement of knowing that where they wake up a few years from now could be somewhere completely different from where they find themselves now. The joy of knowing it’s up to them.


Whether it’s living in a caravan or a canal boat, many are drawn to an alternative to conventional domestic bliss. For some it’s a tradition passed down through generations. For others, a more deliberate break from the rat race. It’s not for everyone, but for those free spirits who choose it, life on the move is worth whatever inconveniences it might involve. After all, there is always a solution for those determined to make something work. Take the post.

Well, how do you even get the post when you don’t have a ‘proper’ address? In some cases, it’s possible to have post sent to a campsite or mooring station. But that’s assuming you know exactly where you’re going to be and when to expect the post. And assuming you can match the two things up. In many cases there will be uncertainty about both, meaning it’s easy to miss your post, leading to a protracted game of pass the parcel.


For some purposes, meanwhile, you need a more conventional address for legal reasons. To open a bank account, for example. Or to take out a phone contract. There are any number of transactions that require a permanent address, which is a major headache for those who simply don’t have one.


Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Expost provide clients of no fixed address with a ‘virtual address’, a genuine street address you can call your own. We are there to receive your post, signing for it where required, and to manage it on you behalf. We can forward it on to another address at a time that suits you. Or we can simply scan letters and email them to you, saving on postage as well as saving time. (Less paper chasing also means a reduced carbon footprint!)

There is no need for anyone to know your ‘virtual address’ is not your actual address. So as long as you don’t falsely claim itis, your Expost mailbox will serve as a practical, efficient and legal way  

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